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Law Firm Press, are in the fore front of intranet and social media consultants Their staff, of engineers, technicians, and artists got me results; on a scale heretofore unimaginable. All artists really, they designed published and manage this office’s advertising. They're talented, reliable and (most important) accessible. James Vagnini (a top-rated employment attorney), Matt Weitzman (a brilliant engineer) and Cody Lange (the straw that stirs the drink), are the core of this enterprise. Eviction Attorney

Neil Weissman

Foreclosure Lawyer
We are extremely pleased with the relationship Law Firm Press has built with DiNovo Price Ellwanger & Hardy LLP.  Their staff is very responsive, dedicated, and creative—all attributes you need in your multimedia design agency.  They have done a fantastic job in transforming the digital image of our firm and creating a look and feel to our website that is a source of pride for our employees and has generated a number of compliments from both colleagues and clients.  Matt and his team do great work.

Jay Ellwanger

DiNovo Price Ellwanger & Hardy LLP
From the very first meeting where they patiently explained SEO, internet marketing, BLOGs, to the daily briefs on what the firm needed to do to get listed on Google. They listened to our goals, understood our business needs and plans and created the perfect website for us. After the launch of the site, they were able to show me how much traffic the web site they created was generating, where they were being generated from and more importantly where on my site people were spending most of their time. Not even six months after hiring Law Firm press, my phones have not stopped ringing. Law Firm Press has generated business for my law firm, business which we never would have reached without their hard work. Hire them immediately!

Byron Divins

Long Island Divorce Lawyer

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Law Firm Web Design and Development


Professional Law Firm Web Design and Attorney Website Development Law Firm Press takes pride in providing professional law firm web design at a fair, affordable rate.  As the primary means of introducing yourself to the public, your law firm’s website needs to be just as high in quality as the practice itself. A site with little expertise behind it comes across as unprofessional and unreliable—two qualities that you do not want to associate with your firm. Far more than just a spot on which to list a phone number for further contact, your site needs to show potential clients that you are capable and willing to

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Law Firm Marketing


Take Your Firm To The Next Level With Our Law Firm Marketing Services The ultimate goal of law firm marketing is to get potential clients to your website. Once there, these individuals should see an excellent presentation which continues the high quality that they were led to expect by the ad or link they followed. A great law firm marketing campaign that makes the most of search engine, social media, and other advertising techniques leads to more visits and more clients. SEO Search engines are one of the top ways, if not the top way, that people find the services they need online. Expertly designed

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Law Firm Social Media Marketing


The New Frontier: law firm social media marketing     Have you ever imagined using law firm social media marketing to promote your firm? As you prepare your law firm’s web marketing strategy, you may have come across the term “social media marketing.” The various buzzwords in web marketing can start to blend together after a while (indeed, in function, they tend to blend as well). However, they’re all designed with the same result: putting your law firm’s website in front of a potential client who will call you for a consultation. Law firm social media marketing drives that by putting your law firm’s services on

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Law Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Professional Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)   Utilizing our law firm search engine optimization services you can take your firm to the top of Google. You’ve no doubt heard buzzwords like search engine optimization (SEO) bandied about in relation to online marketing. When it comes to your law firm, however, how does SEO help you? What is it, why should you bother with it, and how does it help you win the war on the web? The fact is, law firm search engine optimization is used in nearly every facet of web marketing as a tool to generate website hits and put eyeballs

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Law Firm Pay Per Click Marketing


Law Firm Pay Per Click Marketing Services Web marketing is changing fast. Law Firm pay per click marketing has quickly emerged as a unique, innovative and effective manner of promoting a product or service. However, successfully engaging potential customers or clients through pay per click marketing requires an understanding of what makes PPC tools effective. What is Pay Per Click Marketing? Pay per click marketing is a unique, competitive system used by social media websites and search engines. These ads are designed to show up on a search engine, for instance, when certain keywords are implemented. In addition, social networking sites like Facebook can use

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